• No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Fundraising Goal

$5,275 of $7,000


Union County Sheriff’s Office

1Anthony Gialanella $100.00AG
2Manny Cruz $100.00
3Michael Mirro $100.00
4Edward Palmadessa $100.00
5George Vlahogiannis $100.00Should\’ve just paid the $10 deductible.
6Giovanni Cisneros $100.00GFC
7Andrew Licks $100.00
8Kevin Fernandes $100.00KF
9Bryant Ghee $100.00BG
10Andrew Carew $100.00AC
11Erick Ramirez $100.00ER
12M K $100.00
13Tyler Damm $100.00TD
14Patrick Hora $100.00
15V K $100.00VK
16Ryan Wilson $100.00RW
17Miguel Jerez $100.00
18Dennis $100.00db
19Faustino Costa $100.00FC
20Richard Andrews $100.00
21James Duffy $100.00JD
22brian Keaveney $100.00BK
23Leonard Mayer $100.00LM
24Gustavo Ochoa $100.00G.O
25Brian Sheridan $100.00
27Amilcar Colon $100.00
28Vincent Kearney $100.00
29Craig Montgomery $100.00
30Richard Leonardis $100.00
31UCSO 96 $100.00
32Frank Dotro $100.00
33Anthony Zignauskas $100.00
34Jorge Alves $100.00
35Jorge Vazquez-Casiano $100.00
36Frank Impellizzeri $100.00
38S Perez $100.00
39Steven Hernandez $100.00
40Johnathan Regan $100.00Lets see how much we can donate!!!