• No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Fundraising Goal

$23,228 of $10,000



1Mike Osterhage$4,555.00
2Justin Horne$3,625.00
3Max Massey$2,179.00
4Mark Austin KSAT$2,060.00
5David Sears$1,830.00
6Steven Cavazos$1,640.00
7Steve Spriester$1,060.00
8Samuel King$635.00
9Jonathan Cotto$560.00
10RJ Marquez$535.00
11Ken Huizar$485.00
12Azian Bermea$460.00
13John Paul Barajas$370.00
14Mario Orellana$335.00
15Dillon Collier$335.00
1BERNICE KEARNEY $750.00I’m so proud of Team KSAT and the work you’re doing – whisker by whisker – to bring attention to men’s cancers!
2Oscar Carrero $504.00They shoot. They score!
3Chuck Cureau $100.00Epic beards, gents, for an epic cause. Thank you.
4Marsena Alley $100.00
5Greg & Sharon Doramus $100.00Thank you all for bringing awareness to cancer research! This is the first year we have participated in this great cause, but not the last. We\’re donating in honor of our son-in-law who is battling leukemia now, as well as for our numerous family members who have suffered and/or died from cancer.
6Lisa Arnic $100.00
7Leslie Hart $100.00Thanks KSAT for your generous support in this great cause. I love KSAT!!!!
8Martin Guerrero $100.00Donation made in the name of my sister, Yvonne Cavazos
9Julie Montgomery $50.00
11Donna Harwood $50.00
12Alma Varela $50.00
13Rose Anne Vlach $30.00My husband did not want to shave the day after Halloween, so I told him to take the month off from shaving, and we would make a donation. Thank you for raising the money for such a hopeful cause!
14Rose Anne Vlach $30.00
15Ramon Mendoza $25.00
16Eva Lopez $25.00
17Veronica Ann Garza $25.00
18isela diaz $25.00
19Jenny Hernandez $25.00Thank you for all you do