• No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Fundraising Goal

$4,088 of $5,000


Norwalk Police TRT


Law Enforcement Team

1Kevin Markert$0.00
1Anonymously$500.00Norwalk Police Union Local 1727
2Norwalk PBA $500.00
3Stephen Hollingsworth $500.00I’m proud of this fine group!
4Fleet Auto Supply $250.00Thank you NPD ! You guys rock ! Always setting a great example for surrounding departments and communities!
5Sal Calise $101.00
6Art Weisgerber $100.00
7Justin Bisceglie $100.00
8Brian Cunningham $100.00
9Andrew Roncinske $100.00
10James Walsh $100.00
11Julio Rodriguez $100.00
12James Barron $100.00
13Anthony del Pino $100.00
14Thomas Kulhawik $100.00
15Ray Tejada $100.00
17Owen Lee $100.00
18Brian Hamm $100.00
19G K $100.00
20Eric Carter $100.00
21Akeem Bryce $100.00
22Richard Holmes Jr $100.00
24David Geismar $99.00
25Kathy Rohr $50.00Thank you to a great crew!
26Jessica Mitchell & Esteban Sanchez $50.00Thank you all for protection & serving our community.
28Casey Cunniffe $25.00
29Anonymously$25.00Please keep the beards!!!!
30Asjah del Pino $10.00
31T Blake $2.00
32David Geismar $1.00