• No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Fundraising Goal

$3,075 of $2,500


NB+C South Region

NB+C South Region

Totally Committed to Beating Cancer!

1Chris $0.00
2Matt Varrelman$0.00
3Jesse Evans$0.00
4Trent $0.00
5Max Gall$0.00
6Steve Poole$0.00
7PJ Paradis$0.00
8Wes Hill$0.00
9Robert $0.00
10Charles $0.00
11Sean Murphy$0.00
12NB+C Region$0.00
13Tyler $0.00
14Drew $0.00
15Casey Bohn$0.00
16Matthew Snow$0.00
17Benjamin March$0.00
18DJ $0.00
1Casey Bohn $500.00
2NB+C South Region $250.00The hairier the better!
3Casey Bohn $250.00
4Linda Peay $100.00Grow Baby, Grow!
5Katherine Woodruff $100.00
6Rob Watkinson $100.00
7Jessica Douglas $100.00A Month of Bad Facial Hair is is Upon Us!
8Trent $100.00
9Suzanne Rumsey $100.00
10Andrew Reynolds $100.00
11David Johnson $100.00Time to kick some cancer arse….
12whill@nbcllc.com Hill $100.00
14Shawna Ashenden $100.00
15Jeff Dubiel $100.00
16Clay Hooker $100.00
17Jesse Medaries $50.00
18Tyler Duty $50.00
19Chris $50.00BEARD LIFE!
20Peter Paradis $50.00
21Matt Varrelman $50.00
22Richard Dunn $50.00
23Ericka Lewis $50.00
24karl Lennox-Barbru $50.00
25cameron Tonn $50.00
27Jay Daughtrey $25.00It\’s so itchy
28Gerry Davis $25.00
29Zach Meador $25.00
31Kat Bohn $25.00
32Max Gall $25.00
33Drew $25.00
35Julia Sorrell $25.00
36Ryan Schock $25.00
37BRANDON WHITTON $25.00A dollar for every one of my pathetic facial hairs.
38Elisha Kiser $25.00