• No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Fundraising Goal

$3,828 of $7,200


Dell Technologies Global Alliances No Shave November

GA Americas

Global Alliances Americas

# Donation Raised Comment
1Scott Sherman $300.00
2Scott Walton $250.00
3Liz Cox $202.00Did $1 more than Bell just to beat him. The gauntlet has been thrown – someone beat me by $1. Ladies????
4Tom Willwerth $200.00I\’ll be back to participate with the \”no shave\” next year!
5Ellen Halligan $200.00
6Brent Thomas $100.00
7Minal Patel $100.00
8Todd Keener $100.00Gitty UP!
9Hilmi Ortadeveci $100.00Let’s go team!
10Kevin Min $100.00Eff Cancer!
11Scott Montgomery $100.00
12Jeff Armstrong $100.00
13Paul Kingston $100.00
14Dave McCrossen $50.00
15john leonbruno $50.00
16Rick Pommet $50.00
17Jon Tabay $25.00
18Bob Coffel $25.00