• No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Fundraising Goal

$5,275 of $5,000



Bunnell Bearded Bulldogs

Fighting Cancer, One Beard At A Time

Members of the BHS faculty brave the no-shave to battle cancer.

# Member Raised
1Nick DaSilva$750.00
2Christopher Koch$585.00
3Christopher Baron$500.00
4Jim Stein$295.00
5Sebastian Wojdaszka$290.00
6Garrett Covino$275.00
7James Ginand$150.00
8Ryan Fitzsimmons$120.00
9Brian Maslar$110.00
10John Labate$100.00
11Jim Miller$100.00
12Peter Tseperkas$80.00
13Doctor Clem$70.00
14Luke Roberts$60.00
15Devin Moore$60.00
16Manny Ramada$55.00
17Jeffrey Peterson$45.00
18Dustin Macuirzynski$35.00
19Michael Piroh$35.00
20Frank Tatto$25.00
# Donation Raised Comment
1Dave and Liz Stein $100.00
2Pete Bunosso $100.00
3Debbie Cadley $100.00
4Ashlynn Taylor $100.00
5Katie Graf $100.00
6Nicola Kells $50.00
7Peter Vigeant $50.00
8Alyce Borgersen $50.00
9Kirsten Hardy $50.00
10Brian Adkins $50.00
11Bunnell Football $50.00
12Peter Tseperkas $36.00
13Frank Tatto $30.00
14Scott Smith $25.00
15Marlana Sabia $25.00
16Liz Lynn $25.00
17Kathryn Giordano $25.00
18John Ramos $25.00
19Susan Gucwa-Bucasas $25.00
20Daniel Renstrom $25.00


Beanie Buddy time!

Earn your beanie & donate one to a cancer survivor or fighter!

The first 200 individual members to raise $1,000 will earn a *limited edition* No-Shave November x Love Your Melon beanie, mailed right to your front door. And the other beanie will be given to someone fighting cancer!