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Sign up to officially participate in No-Shave November. Stop shaving and start fundraising! If you’ve got that competitive edge, get a group together and start your own team. Thinking maybe you’d rather go solo? Sign up as an individual and set up your personal fundraising page today. 


No-Shave November and its funded programs are putting your donation dollars to work, investing in groundbreaking cancer research and providing free information and services to cancer patients and their caregivers. Donate to your favorite team or participant or make a general donation.


Badge unlocked!
Hit milestones and earn badges on individual and team No-Shave November pages. How many can you earn?

The G.O.A.T.

Have you ever wanted to be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Muhammad Ali? Well now's your chance! Become this year’s #1 fundraiser as a team or individual and claim the hairy G.O.A.T Badge.

Top 10

Do you have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of hairy performance?! Well if you grow that hair like you really, really, care and fundraise your way to Top 10 Badge.

The Anti-Razor

It is time to embrace your hairy side and become the antithesis to shaving! By simply creating a personal or team badge you will unlock The Anti-Razor Badge.

Toxic Shaving Cream:

It was Tric with the toxic shaving cream can, in the bathroom! Are we close? If not, then continue to ignore those itchy clues telling you to shave and choose to donate instead. When your individual or team page receives its first donation you will unlock the mysterious Toxic Shaving Cream Badge.

The Captain’s Hat:

Ahoy there mateys! If you have the privilege to be named a team captain you will automatically unlock the Captain’s Hat Badge, an accessory every leader needs.

Halfway There

The marathon is on and you are off to the races! By raising 50% of your fundraising goal you will unlock the Halfway There Badge. You are almost at the finish line, don’t stop now.

Comedy and Drama Mask:

Every No-Shave November campaign can be a bit dramatic! Each participant will have their highs and lows. But if you stay focused and reach 100% of your donation goals then you or your team will unlock the dueling Comedy and Drama Mask Badge.

$100 Bill

Money, money, money, money, money! While every donation counts we will never discourage one of our No-Shavers from really balling out in the name of cancer research and prevention. If you are kind enough to raise $100.00 dollars or more you will receive the $100 Bill Badge as a reward.

The Follicle

We all know that every follicle counts during No-Shave November, but a lone hair can only do so much in the grand scheme of things. Join forces with a team and earn the Follicle Badge. Together, you can make a real difference!

The Armpit Hair

If you were already hairy and registered before the first of November, take a bow and please accept the Armpit Hair Badge. We respect your determination and that all natural look!

The Outlaw

Yee-haw! It's time to round up that evil cancer gang and put a stop them once and for all. So saddle up and prepare for the hairiest ride of your life. If you have the grit and determination to raise $250.00 then you will receive the Outlaw Badge as a reward.

The Afro

Sometimes it takes a whole lot of hair to make a difference, and if you earn the Afro Badge you will be doing just that! Raising $500.00 dollars will unlock this groovy badge which will help you disco dance cancer right out of the club!

The Van Dyke

The hair your team has grown this campaign is so stylish we think that it should be in renaissance style painting. While we don’t have a painter currently on staff, please accept the Van Dyke Badge instead for having 5 or more members on your team.

The Lincoln

Four score and seven badges ago this 10 + No-Shave November Team brought forth, upon this noble fundraising campaign, a hairy new nation, bonded by a similar goal, and dedicated to help eradicate cancer once and for all.

The Wizard

Cancer, YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Your fellowship has grown almost as much as your sagely wizard beard. With 20 + team members you will unlock the powerful Wizard Badge.