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No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

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Jeremy Crumley   Richmond, VA

Jeremy Crumley No Shave November 2019

Crums Fighting Cancer!

Cancer sucks. I should know, I'm fighting for my life. I'm fighting to regain the normal life that someone in his mid-forties enjoys. A father. A husband. An employee. An avid sports fan. But what scares me is what I leave behind if cancer wins. Fatherless children. A widow. Unfilled potential. I become a statistic and a faint memory. In August, 2018, I was diagnosed with Carcinoma In Situ; bladder cancer. In May, 2019, I was also diagnosed with Andenocarcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer. I'm fightingt the bladder cancer with bacterial treatments and chemo treatments. They are terrible. I'm fighting the lung cancer with a daily dose of a targeted medication. That's not so bad. No-Shave November's mission is to not only raise funds for cancer research and treatment but to educate the population about preventative measures. Growing a beard is a small symbol of my freedom and a middle finger to my cancers. If you are interested in supporting my efforts to raise cancer awareness, consider making a donation, or join me in not shaving during the month of November! PS: Hey Ladies - legs count too.






Dawn-Marie Bey & Chris Cotropia


Mark Hourigan

We are with you every step of the way.


Laura Lay

David and I may join you in no-shave November!


Carl Beale

You are an inspiration to all of us!


Gail Hrynda

For our son-in-law who fights the good fight every day. We love you and support you always. Mom & Rich


Ryan & Alexis Shannon


Angela & Warren Ayers

We love you, Jeremy! PS - Warren has already failed at not shaving ;)


Tony and Kari Fernandez

I am flipping cancer off right now, you just can’t see it


Liz Sanders

While the idea of not shaving is tempting, hubs would not appreciate it! :-) Kick Cancer's A$$!! You got this Jeremy!


Jess, Kris and Liliana

Sending you so much love!


Caleb Goins


Mike Castle


Shawn Tombleson

Bless those who have had to fight the fight.


Jake Althizer


Chip Gay

I will set my uni-brow free. It will flow from eye to eye. No more manscaping for me. #StayInTheFight


Mark Hourigan Jr

I'll join you! Keep on fighting!


Marci Andrews

With love from our family to yours! Marci, Hayes and Gabriella


John & Katie Gundlach

With our love, The Gundlachs


Beth Levin

Keep fighting. ❤️ $36 is double Chai. In the Jewish tradition. Chai means life. Double has an extra special meaning, saying I care. So, “to life!”


Kate Martin


Jim Snow

Fight the fight Jeremy! All our Best ~ the Snow Family


Ben McMunn

I'll Join ya, buddy! F. ya! and F. Cancer!


Ryan Saulsbury

$%#$ Cancer! Yes need to see a ZZ Top Beard!


Michael Henley

Cancer sucks! Fight on Crumley! I want to see a BIG ZZ Top beard!


Dustin Sordelett

Brian said it perfectly... F cancer!!


Rebecca Crumley

Hey Crums + Snuggs. Punch it! Love, the other Crums + Snuggs


Todd Bagwell

Fight on!


Beth Passalacqua

Not shaving my legs is way less attractive than a beard! ….So I'll skip and but you fellas keep that no shave November going! :)


Stacey Margolis

Keep on kicking butt, Jeremy! Thinking of you all.



(high fives)


Evonne Perez

I'll pass on not shaving my legs, but will gladly donate! :)


Brian Wood

F*** cancer!


Megan McIrvin Shope

With love from Paul, Megan and Greta Shope


The Fredds


Jeremy Crumley

Fight cancer