has been raised by 1158 members and 405 teams.

# Member Raised
1F&M Bank$11,535
2Chris Parks$9,660
3Sharif Metwalli$5,901
4Justin Horne$5,781
5Mike Osterhage$5,741
6Mark Gibennus$4,700
7Ron Rodgers$4,260
8Ben Cohen$4,025
9Mark Austin KSAT$3,162
10David Sears$3,100
11Max Massey$2,660
12Charles Scott$2,475
13Justin Stone$2,385
14Middletown PBA$2,300
15Steve Svendsen$2,050
16Daragh Mulready$1,850
17Ed Randall$1,681
18Joseph Bollinger$1,650
19Jimmy Hagan$1,550
20Kirk McCullick$1,438
21Florence F.O.P. Lodge 210$1,420
22Steven Cavazos$1,365
23Michael Holtz$1,335
24Paul Pokrowka$1,325
25Tom Moring$1,275

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