has been raised by 1322 members and 457 teams.

# Member Raised
1Andrew Janower$11,940
2Ben Cohen$6,775
3Mike Osterhage$4,555
4Colby Rush$4,280
5Justin Horne$3,625
6Tom Weaver$3,600
7Sharif Metwalli$2,300
8Max Massey$2,179
9Mark Austin KSAT$2,060
10Debra Hall$1,975
11Andy Nosbusch$1,875
12The Alphas$1,855
13David Sears$1,830
14Joe Schuler$1,815
15Rick Jenkins$1,690
16Steven Cavazos$1,690
17Jeff Desnoyers$1,525
18Sara Svendsen$1,500
19Nestor Rivera$1,475
20Bryan Robison$1,471
21Nick Rolfes$1,325
22Jimmy Hagan$1,300
23Michael Abbondante$1,300
24Patrick Craig$1,250
25Mike Kooken$1,250

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